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International Men's Day

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Two in five men regularly feel worried or low.

Men are more likely to drink alone or take recreational drugs to relax when feeling worried or low.

One in ten men reported getting angry when they are worried.

                                                                       Mind survey 2019

So what’s your coping strategy when you're feeling:-

  • Lonely

  • Worried, low or sad

  • Stressed/exhausted

  • Angry


Working longer hours?

Exercising to extreme?

Risk taking: driving too fast, gambling?

Recreational drinking/drugs, eating?

Using humour/self deprecation?

Alternative ways to cope:-


Connect with people

o   Talking, just light-hearted small talk

o   Engage in social activities: 5k park run, sports teams, quiz night, lunch with friends


Know your triggers when it comes to risky behaviour

o   Distance yourself from the behaviour by creating heathier routines: walking, gym, cooking



o   Learn how to relax: music, walking (nature), yoga, meditation, breathing techniques

o   Find ways to express yourself and release supressed feelings: journaling

Less obvious mindfulness:

  • ‘Man Shed’

  • Singing

  • Book club


Personal Therapy

o   In the safety of a confidential space you will be encouraged to develop better self-awareness and understanding. Explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and learn how to manage better.




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