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What Our Clients Say

Feedback has been anonymised and slightly adapted to protect the identity of our clients.

"Looking back over the past months, my sessions with K seem like stepping stones, helping me find a path through a time of transition. Always insightful and kind, her questions helped me find clarity, see patterns and also recognise my own resources. Even when I was very low, there was acceptance and support, not judgement. I'm very grateful for all the expert listening and well-phrased questions - thank you."

"You have helped me through the toughest time of my life and let me talk about all my feelings, worries and how this illness has affected me and my husband. I cannot thank you enough for helping me through all this. When I started my therapy journey, I was quite sure I knew exactly what I needed to “fix” myself. Over the course of our sessions, you showed me that I never needed fixing. What I needed was to accept myself and live in this world through my own experiences, knowing that I am enough."  

“I was going through a period of change in my life and I hoped therapy could help. K helped me work through the various changes that I was experiencing at a pace that suited me. I felt very supported and comfortable throughout my sessions with K, and I really appreciate how much my time in therapy has improved my wellbeing and resilience.”

"I was suffering with depression and severe anxiety. Over the four months that I received sensitive counselling from K, I found myself gaining the confidence and strength that had been lacking in me for nearly two years. I found myself in a place that I wanted to be; feeling more confident and anxious free, able to see things more clearly and less frightening. I thank her for this so much."


"At first I wasn’t sure about counselling and I was nervous but now I am so glad that I gave it a go. Thank you for helping me like myself." Adolescent​​


"I feel like I know who I am again. Thank you for helping me realise my life is mine." Adolescent

"These past few sessions of counselling with you have truly made me think about my existence and about my worries which I would otherwise have blocked away.  You are a great counsellor and I am so thankful for your help". Adolescent

Thank you for all your support for X it's been invaluable.  My daughter is in a much happier place compared to three months ago and has all your tips and strategies to draw on." Parent of adolescent

"Before speaking with you, I felt like my anxiety defined me as a person. You helped me realise that it is just one emotion of many and that I need not let it control my life. Through your guidance, I am now able to do (and enjoy!) things I previously would have avoided. I feel I have a better understanding of my relationships, what my values and goals are, and perhaps most importantly, I feel comfortable within myself."

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